The Unknown Crisis
Updated: 4/20/2020
The Unknown Crisis
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Storyboard by John Jerald Lanuza

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  • President Lee talk with his people
  • I want you guys to find that mysterious man from the news. I think we can find solution about the crisis we are facing on him.
  • Okay Mr. President. We will do our best to find that mysterious man.
  • The Soldiers talk with the mysterious man
  • Hello.. The President invites you to meet him. Can you come over?
  • *Cough* Why? *Cough* Did I do something wrong? *Cough* But fine, I'll come with you *Cough*
  • President talk with the mysterious man
  • Yes President, I came from another country and then I came back here at the Philippines.
  • Where do you came from? Do you go somewhere else before going here?
  • The reason
  • I have a farm there and there is a lot of pigs. I used to count them until it reaches the number of 20. And the 3 of them are missing. I found the 2 of them dead near the river and the one of them are still alive but it keeps on coughing. I came back here to lessen pain and depression. But when I came back here, I am the one who now that keeps on coughing.
  • Why do you go here at my country?
  • Last speech
  • I now know what can be the cure of the unknown disease coming up here at our country. I made my men find him and luckily they found the person where this disease begins. The Philippines now can be back as it is before. Thank you for listening.
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