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History comic
Updated: 10/15/2019
History comic
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  • Sugar Act
  • WhAaAaAaT, $5, ugh these gosh darn taxes
  • That will be $5
  • Writ Of Assistance
  • Quartering Act
  • Its nice that this family allowed us to use their home
  • ZZZZZzzzzzz.......
  • The sugar act lowered taxes but allowed soldiers to search people's bag for smuggled goods
  • Stamp Act
  • Dad, what are taxes
  • TAXES! on what
  • The writ of assistance allowed soldiers to search buildings to look for smuggled goods, this went hand in hand with the sugar act, kind of, i don't know
  • Declaratory Act
  • They can't tax us without representation
  • The quartering act made it so colonists had to lend their homes to soldiers for a short amount of time
  • Townshend Act
  • Sorry sir, that's the law
  • It says paper, stamps, and legal documents. Even playing cards
  • The stamp act taxed anything made of paper or anything that was printed including newspaper, stamps and even playing cards
  • Taxes
  • The declaratory act was a statement saying that the government had no right to tax them and that the colonists have the right to tax themselves
  • Agreed!!
  • The townshend act put taxes on anything imported into the country
  • What 10 dollars tax, its not even from this country
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