Updated: 1/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The Exposition: Mrs. Jones is walking down the street at night while Roger the kid is stealing her purse but falls down and Mrs. Jones grabs him
  • He washes his face while she cooks supper after Mrs. Jones takes him to her houseRISING ACTION
  • He is washing his face while Mrs. Jones cooks supper he is alone with her purse thinking of stealing it but he doesn't which makes them trust each other more
  • =
  • I'm going to cook some supper for you
  • They talk over supper and Roger only wanted the money for blue suede shoes, and Mrs. Jones confesses that she has done things she regrets like stealing.FALLING ACTION
  • It's okay I have done things that I regret too.
  • I just wanted some blue suede shoes
  • Mrs. Jones gives him money to buy shoes because Roger really has no one to care for him at homeRESOLUTION
  • Here take this and buy you some blue suede shoes
  • Roger leaves he wants to say something but he is so shocked he could only say thank you m'amRESOLUTION