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Civics storyboard
Updated: 11/22/2017
Civics storyboard
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  • The Boston Tea Party, carried out by colonists dressed as Native Americans sent a wave of anger throughout Great Britain.
  • After 6 months of planning the King's attack plan was finally ready. He came up with the Intolerable Acts as a way to punish the colonists. 
  • The Port is closed until further notice
  • The first act passed in the Intolerable Acts, was the closing of the Boston Port. Resulting in many people losing their jobs, and the colonists losing the supplies they needed.
  • The king thought that it would be a good idea as the second act to let the soldiers and officials be tried in Britian instead of by the colonists to give them a fair chance to win
  • Along with giving the soldiers and officials freedom from colonist jurors the king chose the third act to restrict the colonist's participation in town decisions so they couldn't be overthrown 
  • The fourth act called the quartering act let soldiers invade the colonist's privacy and live in their homes whenever they wanted
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