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Updated: 11/19/2020
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  • Patrick and Paolo finish their lunch along the katipunan.
  • They talked about their what they did last past few weeks.
  • Suddenly, Paolo froze when he saw a dumpy, fair-skinned guy walked in in the cafe, It is Mark.
  • Patrick is curious that is why Paolo react that way that is why he ask him, and Paolo tells Patrick what happened between them, and after they finish their cake and update each they waited for their change Mark finally notice them when he went out, Patrick pinched Paolo as he smile back. Patrick dropped Paolo off at the Faculty Centerand rushed to the theater for rehearsal. Having thirty minutes to waste before my next class, I decided to go to the FC washroom and tidy up.
  • The cigarette smoke, and stale urine greeted Paolo as he opened the door. As he expected, the washroom was deserted. he stood in front of the mirror and took out tissue from his bag.the washroom door opened and a woody cologne scent in.It was Mark He went straight to the urinals. he pretended not to notice him. When he finished peeing, He fix his self and look at the mirror ,he saw Paolo watching him and smiled, “It’s you again.” Paolo smiled back and offered him a tissue. He declined and left.
  • When the door closed Paolo rushed to the urinals to peed, and Paolo watch his pee and Mark fluids mix, their colors getting more and more difficult to distinguish until finally no difference could be seen, a warm pleasurable sensation from within me slowly surged, growing more and more powerful, until finally shudders of ecstasy racked my still untouched body.
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