Global Final-Holocaust comic

Updated: 6/14/2020
Global Final-Holocaust comic

Storyboard Text

  • My daughter; Hitler their leader, believes we are plaguing the earth, and we need to die to make the world pure. Although this already is happening, Hitler is much more extreme.
  • My dear family,although I fear this may be one of our last nights in Czechoslovakia, I have faith in God's greater plan. I have heard of rumors that tomorrow, September 30 Hitler's army will be coming to kill us all, or worse.
  • But why do they want to kill us?
  • Father, let us pray for our protection under Yahweh
  • Baruch atah Adonai Elohainu melekh ha'olam asher kid'ishanu b'mitzvotav v'tzivanu l'hitateif ba'tzitzit
  • The Following Morning:
  • The Nazi soldiers are coming before dusk. I have been told they will put you in a rail freight car with hundreds more on the way. You and your family should come to my home immediately and seek shelter.
  • We need to talk, Samuel. There is news of great importance we must discuss.
  • Thank you. I fear for my family and my safety. This will bring us a few more weeks of freedom
  • Of course. What is it?
  • My son, Not all Germans are bad. We must make sure not to let hate grow in our hearts despite of the heavy oppression of our people. We should feel blessed to still be alive and together, as a family and with God.
  • Father, Why are these people helping us? They're German.
  • I beg of you sir, please spare our lives; we have done you no harm.
  • I'm going to need you all to come with me or you die, right here right now. You will wear identifying clothes based on whether or not you are deemed capable of physical labor.
  • You dare speak against the will of our Führer?! You will die for this atrocity.
  • Mother, we haven't eaten in what feels like weeks. Where are we? What is going to happen to us?
  • 3 Months Later
  • My sweet sweet daughter, I love you so much. I don't know what is going to happen to us. I don't know if we are ever going to see the light of day. I have heard from others about a camp for people like us, called Theresienstadt. No one has ever escaped before, and our attempts would be futile.