Updated: 2/22/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Where should we meet again?
  • We will meet again when the battle is over
  • Before sunset and we will meet Macbeth there
  • You will kill Duncan so you can become king, you must be a MAN!
  • Idk if I can he is a nice man and I am his cousin.
  • DIE!!!
  • WHYYYY!!!
  • We must run away.
  • Yes, because everyone will suspect us because we are Duncan's son's
  • Yes, it is supposed to be day time but the dark has taken over.
  • I have seen many bad things but this tragedy is worse than I have ever seen.
  • You are now king Macbeth!
  • Tonight we will have a banquet and I want you there Banquo.