Erik- Tim's bad choices
Updated: 1/15/2021
Erik-  Tim's bad choices

Storyboard Text

  • Timmy is trying to play a game that he enjoys. When he starts to play people call him names like dolphin, and little kid.
  • After Tim starts to let the mean comments get to his head, he starts to cry. Then he has the idea to go and tell his mom what is happening.
  • When he gets to his mom's room he explains what happened. His mom doesn't care and says, "you are a man deal with it". On the way out he sees his mom's credit card.
  • When he grabs his mom's card he brings it to his room. Quickly he remember that one of the guys asking him what his mom's card info is. So he tells him in hope that they are friends.
  • The man tells Tim to call his number. So when Tim calls and asks are we friends? The man respond with yes. So the man asks TIm if he could come to the park.
  • Tim goes to the park without permission. When he gets there is all goes downhill. He was surrounded by guys and told to come with them. But the police saw this happen and arrested the guys. Tim had learned his bad decisions.