Kemini kokay

Updated: 10/12/2021
Kemini kokay

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  • Oh! So this is the meaning of this word!
  • Inay, I have seen some ruptures on my walls. Aren't those dangerous for me?
  • What are you talking about honey? What ruptures?
  • Come on Inay, I'll show you.
  • Lita loves reading books and exploring different kinds of stories. She loves learning languages and she wants to be surrounded by books. One day, she was reading her favorite novel and she encountered a word that she was not familiar with.
  • Yes, Inay.
  • Are those lines on your wall that you were talking about honey?
  • She looked for it on a dictionary and she found out the meaning of the word. While she was in her room, she noticed a thing on her wall and she remembered the illustration she found at the book. se went outside her room and asked her mother about it.
  • I learnt it from my book Inay, it says that those things are ruptures, they are a line on the surface of something along which it has split without breaking into separate parts.
  • Ahhh!!! I see, honey, those are just cracks. Where did you learn that word huh? That rupture?
  • Upon uttering that terminology to her mother, her mum got confused about what was her daughter talking about. That is why, Lita asked her to come and see her room.
  • Yes Inay, I will.But, can you buy me the novel Harry Potter? I love to read them.
  • Okay honey, you are doing a great job, just continue reading your books okay? You need to study well.
  • After checking her daughter's room, she found out that the ting that her mentioned to her were the cracks on the walls. But she is still confuse on how did her daughter learnt the word she uttered.
  • She then realized that ruptures are referring to the cracks, she was deeply amazed by her daughter. She never knew that a word such rupture existed. She just nodded to her daughter and agree.
  • Lita's mum realized how crucial are books in the life of children, they could have broader knowledge and they will look at it as a source of happiness.
  • Sure hija, no problem.