Unidad 1 – Actividad 2 – Vamos de compras.

Updated: 8/27/2020
Unidad 1 – Actividad 2 – Vamos de compras.

Storyboard Text

  • Hello my daughterdo you like go to the shopping?
  • Yes my dera mom, I would love it.
  • It is fabulous my honey.
  • There are many offers.
  • I am so very happy.
  • Me too, it is a place very beautiful.
  • Do you need any help? It is many clothes for sale,
  • I like this dress. How much is this? ohhhh thank you. Can I them on?
  • Mom, is for sale, look at my outfit; is an excelent color.
  • Yes, of course, you can.
  • I like those pants.
  • Is so cute, but I like them this gold earrings.
  • Is very confortable the shopping.
  • Yes mom, but it is tired, we going to the home.