a vs.s
Updated: 4/8/2021
a vs.s

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  • Athens women
  • I want to see my friends.
  • government
  • we vote for this.
  • Athens men
  • Athen women had no education,they pleased their husband that were given to them around 16-18, they could not go anywhere unless they had permission from there owner"husband" they stayed home and soed,raise her kids sooner or later then die.
  • sparta women
  • the athens government form was democracy of where the people could vote ,but there where only certain people that could vote,i'm talking about the men who owned property.
  • government 
  • athens men did not have to be in training for very long the most would be a few months,they"enslaved their wives to do whatever the men wanted,they made the wife please them or they would have a punishment.
  • sparta men
  • Sparta women had the most rights out of all of greece, they could see there friends whenever they wanted, they had some of the men's training because they did not get swords but they got daggers and they practised fighting so if someone tried to hurt them they would know what to do,she also had the right to vote,and they did not have to raise there kids because they thought that was slaves work to do.
  • the spartans had a somewhat form of government but it was entirely different from the aspens because they had two kings, one king was king of everyday life and the other king was king of the military,and almost every one could vote.
  • Spata men where the best trained greece soldiers because they were taken away from there family at a young age and had to suffer for 15 years,if they had a wife and children they could not live or see them until the man was 30.