Bud not Buddy and Dusky Devastators of The Depresion
Updated: 2/12/2020
Bud not Buddy and Dusky Devastators of The Depresion

Storyboard Text

  • Now introducing Bud, also known as Sleepy LaBone, he is a young boy from Flint, MI and the youngest in the band he isn't the best at the sax but he can sure squeak it pretty good.
  • Now introducing Herman E. Calloway he is the leader of the band and the grump of the band he has also just found out that Bud is his Grandchild.
  • Now introducing Steady Eddie he chews on a log but boy can he play a sax. He also is Bud's favorite in the band and boy does he have a good mustache.
  • He is not a thief but he is a thug he is a jokester and he's sarcastic and he also plays the drums. You may have guessed it his name is drum roll please... The Thug
  • Now introducing Doo-Doo Bug he is the band's only white guy that is an adult so he is there key to staying alive and well he does that, he also plays the piano.
  • Now introducing the other young kid but not the youngest in the band Slim Shady you will definitely hear his baritone because it sounds like a boat horn.