Updated: 1/11/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I don't get why I have to pay all these damn taxes; the hell does the federal in federal taxes mean anyways!
  • Did I hear that right, you don't know what federal means?
  • ...Yes...
  • You want to grab a cup of Joe while I try to breakdown Federalism?
  • For sure, not like I have anything else to do today.
  • So to put it bluntly, Federalism is 2 levels of government
  • ...ok
  • ???????
  • The 2 levels of government are state and federal. Federal is a fancy word for national
  • is that why I shop in New Jersey?
  • makes sense
  • In federalism, the state and federal government hold different responsibilities like declare war, regulate interstate and foreign trade, establish post offices, and much more; for federal think big picture.
  • Woah, this is starting to make sense!