teaching and training

Updated: 9/10/2021
teaching and training

Storyboard Text

  • Auditory Learning technique #1 & 2 :Reading Out loud and Participating in Class
  • Would anyone like to read?
  • I will!!
  • Learning technique #3: Reading Instructions Out Loud
  • Today you will be taking outline notes on our lesson. Make sure to include vocabulary, along with an end reflections.
  • Learning technique #4: Tape Recording Lecture
  • Today we will be discussing Biodiversity.
  • Learning technique #5 & 6: Sitting Away From Windows and Doors and Working in Quiet Areas
  • Learning technique #7: Discuss Ideas
  • What were your thoughts on this last chapter?
  • I thought the character development was great in this part
  • So did I , along with the potential foreshadowing.
  • Learning technique #8: Create a Speech
  • Today we will be talking about how auditory learners learn best.