Road of revolution
Updated: 11/30/2020
Road of revolution

Storyboard Text

  • The Proclamation Of 1763 made an imaginary line that restricted expansion.
  • This is our land
  • The Sugar Stamp Acts were taxes the British put on sugar, stamps and other goods to help pay for the French and Indian was
  • What do you mean Tax
  • Parliament passed the law
  • No Taxation without Representative-Colonist were very upset that parliament passes taxes without there input.
  • No taxation without a representative
  • Township Act/reaction-the British imposed a new set of Taxes, colonist start to organize and Boycott British made goods
  • Buy local
  • Get Out Of Here!
  • Boston Massacre-5 British soldiers were fired into a crowd of angry colonist.
  • I hope they don't get violent
  • Boston Tea Party-Angry Colonist Board ships in the Boston Harbor and throw 300 chest of tea in the water to protest
  • Throw it overboard!