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Shakesphere Romeo and Juliet scene 1-3
Updated: 3/27/2020
Shakesphere Romeo and Juliet scene 1-3
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  • act 2 scene 2
  • reality; "He went this way, over the wall. Shout for him"
  • R&J: "He ran this way and jumped over this orchard wall. Call to him, Mercutio."
  • R&J: "I'll conjure him as if I were summoning a spirit. Romeo...Show yourself in the form of a sigh.
  • reality: "Romeo where are you. Show yourself."
  • R&J and reality: "If he hears you, you'll make him angry."
  • R&J: "I summon you by Rosaline's bright eyes, by her high forehead and her red lips, by her fine feet, by her straight legs, by her trembling thighs, and by the regions right next to her thighs."
  • reality: "Show yourself as you would for Rosaline."
  • R&J: "Romeo, lose your name. Trade in your name--which really has nothing to do with you--and take all of me in exchange."
  • R&J: "I trust your words. Just call me your love, and I will take a new name. From now on I will never be Romeo again."
  • reality: "For you I will change myself to be the person you want me to be."
  • reality: "I wish he was a different person. Then things would be so much easier."
  • R&J and reality: "Tell me, how did you get in here? And why did you come? The orchard walls are high, and it's hard to climb over them. If any of my relatives find you here they'll kill you because of who you are."
  • R&J: "I flew over these walls with the light wings of love. Stone walls can't keep love out. Whatever a man in love can possibly do, his love will make him try to doit. Therefore your relatives are no obstacle."
  • reality: "The wall couldn't keep me away from you. And your relatives are the least of my concern."
  • R&J: ". If your intentions as a lover are truly honorable and you want to marry me, send me word tomorrow. I'll send a messenger to you, and you can pass on a message telling me where and when we'll be married."
  • R&J and Reality: "My soul depends on it."
  • Reality: "If you really love me, and want to marry me, then I'll send someone and you can tell them when and where we will get married."
  • R&J: "Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I'll say good night until tonight becomes tomorrow."
  • R&J: "I hope you sleep peacefully. I wish I were Sleep andPeace, so I could spend the night with you. Now I'll go see my priest. to ask for his help and tell him about my good luck."
  • reality: "Sleep well and i wish i could be there with you. Im going to see my priest for luck and help."
  • reality: "goodnight and i wish i didn't have to wait and see you until tomorrow."
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