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science project Caiden Shockley 1/2
Updated: 10/11/2020
science project Caiden Shockley 1/2
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  • Krypton has an atomic number of 36. Also has an atomic mass of 83.80.
  • Natural gas helps cool down filament in a camera. That's why it is also used in fluorescent lights.
  • Krypton is used for the flashing lights at the airports. This allows the planes to land at night and helps if fog.
  • The length of a meter was based from the spectral line of the krypton isotope. The length of a meter has been changed to a certain distance.
  • krypton is a non- reactive gas it is sometimes used in lasers.
  • Krypton is a every day use element by some people. Krypton is a helpful gas it helps take picks. Also helps guide air planes in fog and in the dark. Lasers sometimes uses krypton.
  • The end
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