Updated: 2/1/2020
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  • ahhhhhhh
  • here the fish is getting attached and going to die and sink to the bottom of the ocean
  • Now the fish is getting buried by sediments and mud
  • the body is still preserved but the bones starts to rot off the fish
  • Step 1 : The living thing dies
  • Minerals help crush the bones of the fish and make them hard
  • step 2: The fish gets buried
  • after many years mud and sediment have piled up into layers ,adding weight and pressure making the layers in to rocks
  • Step 3 :The organs rot away
  • wow look at this cool fossil i just found
  • Step 4: The body is still preserved even though it is dead
  • step 5: mud, sediments and minerals make a layer and form it into a rock Things that do not die in water will not get fossilized
  • step 5:now the fish has completed its body fossilization
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