Updated: 11/26/2019

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  • If you hate Othello, why do you work for him?
  • I do hate Othello he gave my position to Cassio and I’m pretty sure he slept with my wife. I’m just playing him. Let’s expose him to Desdemona’s father for marrying her.
  • Brabantio you've been robbed!
  • We are helping you and you treat us like thugs!
  • I told you to stay away from my house! My daughter will never love you, Roderigo.
  • I don't believe you!
  • Go check! You let your daughter be stolen by an old black ram!
  • I'll make you pay for this.
  • I’ll answer for everything. But you don't know your daughter fleed this morning in the embrace of that lustful Moor, Othello? Sue me if I lie. Please go check.
  • Oh my, I’m starting to believe. I will check right now.
  • Yes.
  • “It is too true an evil. Gone she is. And what’s to come of my despisèd time Is naught but bitterness. Now, Roderigo, Where didst thou see her?—Oh, unhappy girl!— With the Moor, say’st thou? Raise all my kindred. Are they married, think you?” (1.1.159-67)
  • My own flesh and blood rebels against me.