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Animal Farm
Updated: 2/28/2019
Animal Farm
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  • “Man is the only creature that consumes without producing”.
  • “The pigs succeed in narrowing the principles of animalism to seven commandments”.
  • “Within 5 minutes of their invasion, they were in ignomunism retreat”.
  • Much like Old Major, Lenin was the soviet union's source of hope and change. It was Lenin who was the leader of the Russian revolution, he encouraged everyone that there was a better future, a future that would be built on communism, and as a result there would be no more suffering.
  • “Snowball as we now know was no better than a criminal”
  • Animalism symbolism communism which was what the soviet union was based on, a belief that eventually there will be no government and everyone will be equal. These ideas were communicated to the public, and gained support because of the potential end of suffering.
  • “Napoleon had announced that the windmill would be built after all”.
  • Much like the battle of cowshed, the soviet union experienced a civil war after Lenin had taken them out of wwi. The newly formed soviet union took on internal conflict against the white army, which was in support of placing the tsar in power, or wanted a capitalist society, or was socialist and did not support Lenin's way of leading. In the end the soviet union beat back the white army.
  • “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.
  • Similar to the rivalry of Snowball and Napoleon, Trotsky and lenin also had a great feud. After lenin had his stroke, the soviet union was in need of a new leader, that leader was Stalin, however Stalin had a fierce political competitor named Trotsky, being paranoid, Stalin sent Trotsky into exile and sent his assassin's after him to insure his stability as ruler.
  • Similar to Napoleon's efforts to build a windmill, Stalin also had great intentions of technological advancements. Stalin forced the soviet union into a full on extended time of advancement he was trying to develop a century of technology in a decade because he knew ow far behind russia was compared to the rest of the world. Stalin was prepared to do whatever in took to catch up with everyone else.
  • Over time the principles of animalism seemed to changed without anyone realizing, much like the objectives of the soviet union, what resulted was totally different from what was planned. When Stalin came to power, his views were completely different from lenin's, and totalitarian rule ended up being what Stalin ruled by, and not everyone was equal, and here was still suffering.
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