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Ransom Of Red Chief By. Nikolas S.
Updated: 9/19/2018
Ransom Of Red Chief By. Nikolas S.
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Storyboard Text

  • Bill, What do you say we strike summit. We are only two thousand off the fraudulent scam in west Illinois. I was thinking more of a kidnapping what do ya say?
  • Exposition
  • I mean, I guess. I bet we could make some moves in summit we'll teach those self satisfied bunch of spoiled brats a lesson.
  • Rising Action
  • Hi, there little boy would like some candy, its over there in the van.
  • Ouch!!!
  • HA,HA
  • Climax
  • HELP!!!
  • Whoa, whoa calm down there kid I don't think old Bill wants a haircut just yet.
  • Bill and Sam are planing a kidnapping to gain some money from ransom to pull off a scam. They decided to strike a town named summit which was home to a number of wealthy family's so they thought the pay out would be nice.
  • Falling Action
  • Two Desperate Men. Gentlemen:I received your letter proposing a ransom for the return of my son. I feel you are high in demands so I hereby make you a counter offer which is that you bring Johnny home and pay two hundred fifty dollars in cash and we have a deal.
  • They decided on a boy that is son of a wealthy man Ebeneezer Dorset after a couple of bricks to the face he decided to come with us to the mountains you might wonder how we convinced him to come well it wasn't real hard besides the brick part all we said is we are going camping.
  • Resolution
  • Thank you gentlemen
  • Johnny started spiraling out of control doing things which honestly were then equivalent to torture each one worse than the last. I eventualy gave up hope one the kid and went to the village three miles from here and sent the ransom letter to Dorset
  • Theme
  • When Sam received a letter from Ebeneezer it was not quite what he was expecting in fact Ebeneezer was asking them for money to give Johnny back. Sam then talked to Bill and being Bill was constantly being tortured by johnny he was eager to take the offer even Sam thought he was a gentleman after he thought about it for a while so they agreed.
  • Bill and Sam arrived at Dorset's door right on time and paid the two hundred and fifty dollars and were promptly on their way just with the common goal of getting as far away from summit as possible. But Bill especially he took off like a missile.
  • The theme of this text in my opinion is Crime Doesn't Pay. I believe this because the two (Bill and Sam) obliviously committed a crime which in this case was a kidnapping and they demanded a ransom of 1,500 dollars at first but then they ended up losing 250 dollars. As the text says "Just at the moment when I should have been abstracting the fifteen hundred dollars from the box... I was counting out two hundred and fifty dollars into Dorset's hand" This goes to show that crime doesn't pay because instead of gaining money from the ransom they lost money. which just goes to show crime doesn't pay.
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