Tears of a Tiger
Updated: 3/13/2020
Tears of a Tiger

Storyboard Text

  • Andy was Robbies best friend and the driver in the crash that killed himHe is good at basketballStruggles with deppresionhis diffining moment is the crash that killed robbieAndy is struggling with fealing resposiable for Robbies death
  • Andy
  • "I wanted to die right after the accident. I wanted it to be me that was dead instead of Rob." pg.24
  • Robbie
  • Robbie was the the only one killed in the drunk driving acient after the basketball game.Great basketball playerIrresponsibleDieing in the Drunck driving acciedent.He is dead so he is not neccasarliy struggling with an issue but other like Andy srugle to cope with his death.
  • Yo, Andy my main man
  • "If I hear one more sob story from you, I think I'll puke."
  • Keisha