Pre-calc project
Updated: 6/12/2020
Pre-calc project
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  • Today we're going to be learning about the trig functions
  • The 3 main ones are Sine, Cosine, and Tangent
  • Hmmm. I should teach this to Jack later
  • Maybe, does it have to do with trig functions?
  • Jack do you know how to find the height of the pole?
  • Ohhh. Then you have to use Tan(30)=x/5. Which is the same thing as 5tan(30)=x. That gives you around 2.9m
  • Exactly. We know the distance from you to the pole is 3m, and the angle is 30 degrees
  • If you're laying down in the middle of the field and you know how tall soccer goals are (2.44m) and half of the field is 54.9m. What's the angle?
  • That's easy. You just use tan^-1=(2.44/54.9) which gives you an angle of 2.5 degrees
  • 54.9m
  • 2.44m
  • Alright
  • Last question to see if you really know it
  • Hmmm. This one is more complicated. You do tan(50)=3/x so you multiply x on both sides and then divide both sides by tan(50) so you end up with 3/tan(50) which gives you 2.5m
  • This gas pump is 3m tall and there is an angle of 50 from where you're standing to the top of the pump. How far away are you from the pump?
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