Updated: 10/23/2020

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  • Hi my name is Stacy and I am new to this place and I was wondering if you wanted to be my friend.
  • “Yea sure I liked to be your friend and I will show you around and we go to some places.”
  • “I will take that noted.”
  • “the apartments can be really loud and crowded.”
  • “First tip is you can use cars but there is a lot of traffic and if you go on the bus it can get crowded but you can get there a little bit faster and parking your car is not free and I don’t pfer you riding a bike in the streets that could be dangerous so I rather you don’t ride your bike.”
  • “WOW that is a long tip but I think I got it and now can we talk about jobs I am thinking I am going to get one tomorrow”
  • We start in the city and that is when Stacy and Becky meet and become friends. After they walked around and talked.
  • “The jobs here are good you can be anything like photographer and a writer ,model ,a dancer anything if i am being honest oh and a doctor. These are some thing you could be but I became a dancer and I love what I do oh and like the job that you do.”
  • "Got that noted”
  • They were passing the apartments and Stacy lived in one they walked in the apartment and it was loud.
  • “do you want to go to dinner I am hunger of food do you want to get some."
  • "sure"
  • Stacy lives on the Very top so a lot of walking but they got there.So they walked in and then Becky starts talking about city.
  • So Becky tells Stacy about some jobs.
  • Beacky ask I am hunger do you want to get food so they leave the apartment.
  • So the two girls go to dinner and Stacy learns so much about the city and she has a new friend. And they had a good time.
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