Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The Government cares. Australian Government makes sure every Australian has a home, at least a small amount of food and some water, which are the basic things we need for a living
  • It is a country who accepts who you are. What I mean is, Australia won’t kick you out of the country for not believing in a certain religion or not having a specified skin tone.
  • The health organizations are wonderful. All the medical support in Australia is very good, there are no fake doctors who just want the money.
  • Education is a big focus. Here in Australia most kids have a good education as even international students can come over and study, which isn’t usually the case in other countries.
  • Climate is safe. The climate in Australia is never too cold nor too hot. Volcanoes are literally extinct in Australia
  • The multicultural nation. The nation contains many cultures, which means a lot of celebrations, and like who doesn't like a celebration?!