Updated: 10/19/2020

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  • Roanoke
  • "Can we just leave?"
  • Why did I not voyage with Roanoke?
  • Jamestown
  • "p-p-please d-don't sh-sh-shoot m-m-me"
  • If thou shall not do thou part thou shalt be executed!
  • Plymouth
  • Hi I am Squanto. you can farm here. here are some seeds.
  • Thank you Squanto. We will feast in your honor.
  • Sir Walter Raleigh did not voyage with Roanoke. When there was no word from them for years, he went to find them. All that was found were two trees, one labeled "CRO", and one labeled "CROATOAN".
  • In Jamestown, capt. John Smith would hold his settlers at gunpoint in order to make them do their part. This was essential and is one of the reasons Jamestown succeeded.
  • Plymouth was successful partly because a native named Squanto taught them how to farm. Then, they feasted in his honor.
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