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1.3 story boad
Updated: 9/30/2020
1.3 story boad
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  • protesting about taxes
  • You cant raise are taxes!
  • Ya, you cant tax us because we don't have representation
  • your suposted to keep us happy
  • tea acts
  • come on guys dumping all this tea will show the british that we don't want there tea, even though its the best tea in the world thats cheep.
  • Ya, and that we don't want to be told what we can or can not buy.
  • How are we supost to make all that money if are docks are closed.
  • intolerable act
  • That is your problem now :}
  • Come on we need to hurry and start training to attack the british when they arive to take are weponse.
  • We don't want to be taxed, you can't tax us because we don't have repusenitive for us to have a say.
  • preparing to fight
  • We are showing the british that we don't want there tea and that we won't lisen to their orders, we do what we want.
  • common sense
  • You guy's don't need the british you guy's are way to big, you should be independent. Other contries will buy from you not just the british you can even get better thing.
  • The british is making massacussiss pay back what they owe and the british is closing the docks.
  • declaration of independence
  • All most done, once i am done this will show they whole wold why the british is so bad and how the whole wold exept for the british should be are alise.
  • The british are coming to take are weponse so we are planning to suprise attack them when they get hear.
  • Paine was telling us that we don't need the british we are so big and the british are so small and the british are in control of you, we need to go independent, other contries will buy from you, not just the british.
  • We are going independent and we are wrighting a document to show the whole world how bad the british are and how we should be ilise.
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