weathering story board
Updated: 3/8/2021
weathering story board

Storyboard Text

  • The water at the top of the waterfall can erode rocks and make them very flat an smooth while carrying the rest of the sediment away.
  • These mountains in the background could have been weathered away by the wind making them round out and the rest of the sediment was carried away to be deposited a different place.
  • These rocks next to me could have been weathered away by frost and ice wedging. splitting the rocks to make those cracks .
  • This river has eroded the land away to make a deep riverbed. This river also flows into this delta behind me and deposits all the sediment.
  • This island could be a result of deposition. With the waves eroding the sand away and it being deposited in the same spot over and over again creating this island.
  • These rocks are being eroded away by the waves. The waves are smoothing the rocks when eroding them and depositing the sediment far out into the sea.