Comic Strip (science)
Updated: 3/9/2020
Comic Strip (science)
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  • How different colored animals exist today
  • As you can see these hamsters are two different colors, this is known as variation, which is a different or distinct form or version of something. This affects the population of the brown colored hamsters since they are easily seen by their predators which casues their population to die out.
  • The brown colored hamsters being eaten causes the tan colored hamsters to have overproduction, which is production of more of a product, commodity, or substance than is wanted or needed. This eventually leads to food sources running low and for others to die out. This illustration shows brown hamsters dying out and tan hamsters growing, which is a representation of overproduction happening and the other colored animals dying out due to the preditors.
  • The tan colored hamsters eventualy take over the area becoming the main colored hamsters in the desert and they soon adapt, which is to become adjusted to new conditions into their environment. This illistration shows the tan colored hamster outweighing the brown colored hamsters being able to survive and reproduce.
  • All of these are examples of selection, which is the preferential survival and reproduction or preferential elimination of individuals with certain genotypes. This illistration shows that there are no more brown hamsters in this habitat because they were all spotted by a preditor. Since the preditor has eaten all of the animals it can see when searching for them they will most likely move on to another place. This helps the tan hamsters reproduce and servive way longer than the brown colored hamsters.
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