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Updated: 1/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • it is unfair how the cruel taliban soldiers treat us women
  • i agree we have to be so sneaky just to do normal everyday things because taliban has taken over. cold hearted men
  • your welcome nooria it was excitment flowing through my blood the whole time i ws so joyful. 2.
  • oh my gosh today i was so thrilled with what we did thank you so much kaseem. 1.
  • thank you so much. we had fun i havent been outside in a long time 3.
  • in this scene is life before in chapter 4 they are livid and furious because they have to sneak around just because of cold hearted taliban soldier
  • in this scene is after parvana transformed into a boy nooria is thrilled and so is maryam.since maryam is younger for her text i didnt make a lot of fancy words.but they are so happy since no one bothered them.