Caleb's Carbon Cycle
Updated: 3/13/2020
Caleb's Carbon Cycle

Storyboard Description

This is my carbon cycle storyboard. This explains how we use crops and water to make fuel and energy for our everyday lives. It also explains why we use barns and greenhouses.

Storyboard Text

  • This is a tree farm. We use this to gather wood and get food like apples and other friut. We also use this to get wood to build buildings and other things we need.
  • This is a greenhouse. We use htis to harvest flowers and food for selling or personal use.
  • This is a well. We use this to get water to drink or to wash our selves.
  • This is a barn. We use this to keep animals. We need the animals to make meat and to make food.
  • This is a water pump. We use the water to turn the wheel. When the whell is turned that makes energy. We use that energy in our everyday lives when we use computors or the internet.
  • This is a crop feild. We use this to grow crops for food. We use this food to sell or to feed to our animals to for more food.