Period 4 Story Board
Updated: 2/15/2021
Period 4 Story Board

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  • The First Emperor of China
  • FASTER!!!
  • - Zheng was harsh, and liked the idea of legalism. He replaced feudalism was government he could control. With this, he divided his land into 36 districts. There were 3 officials in each district, each responsible for the army, laws and agriculture, or reporting what was going on back to the King.
  • --Using military might, spies, bribery, and alliances to conquer all of China, Zheng was a treacherous man.
  • - Prince Zheng of the royal family would be the first emperor of China. He was crowned king at 23, and took the title of First Emperor of Qin later in 221 B.C.E
  • 22.2 Creating an Empire
  • Qin is doing good.
  • - Qin created a unified system of laws. They were very detailed. Rich and poor were punished equally.
  • - The only acceptable money under Qin became metal coins which were either made of gold, or bronze.
  • - Emperor Qin wanted to unify China by standardizing things that were different.
  • 22.3 Standardizing the Culture
  • - Qin ordered a wall to be built to protect his empire from invaders. He connected smaller walls together to make what would be called the Great Wall of China.
  • 22.4 Protecting the Northern Border
  • - The wall was very effective, stopping invasions, and not allowing animals to jump over it.
  • - It took 10 years and 30,000 men to build it. The workers worked in awful conditions. In the freezing winter, and blazing summer. Tens of thousands workers died.
  • - sadly, some decided to die, rather then give up their books.
  • - a scholar who disobeyed would be marked with a tattoo on their face and sent to do forced labor.
  • 22.5 Ending Opposition
  • - The Emperor wanted to burn books because of Confucianism.
  • 22.6 The Emperor's Death and the End of the Qin Dynasty