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Reese Smith
Updated: 12/14/2018
Reese Smith
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  • Ralph
  • My feeling towards the character as i read is that he is really bossy and rude, and doesn't give the other guys a chance.
  • "Fair boy, with "golden hair."
  • Blonde hair, tall, athletic, good looking, golden boy.
  • The author was trying to make Ralph seem like the leader in the story, the one who gives the orders, who is in charge.
  • Piggy
  • " He was shorter than the fair boy, very fat, and account of my asthma, he took off his glasses."
  • Wears glasses, brown hair, and is fat.
  • My feelings toward the character as i read is that Piggy is very sweet and, no one listens to him, when he is actually really smart.
  • The author makes Piggy seem like he is very nice and always gets told what to do, but tries to have a voice.
  • Jack
  • " Jack and the hunters."
  • The author makes Jack seem like he is really mean and doesn't care about anyone but himself, and wants to hunt all of the time.
  • Red hair, not good looking, blue eyes, freckles, crumpled face.
  • My feelings toward the character are that he is rude and selfish.
  • Sam & Eric
  • The author makes Sam and Eric seem like they are indecisive on many things and that they are really nice and always together.
  • Small, short, and light brown hair.
  • My feelings toward the characters Sam and Eric are that Sam and Eric are always together which is why they treat them as one, and are really sweet and nice.
  • " Samneric!"
  • Simon
  • " They looked up at Simon's serious face ."
  • Brown hair, and very skinny.
  • The author makes Simon seem like a very shy boy who loves nature and is very nice.
  • My feelings toward Simon are that he is very nice and shy, and sometimes doesn't know how to stand up for himself, and he is very kindhearted.
  • Roger
  • " Kill the pig, cut his throat, spill his blood."
  • Small, and black snaggy hair.
  • The author makes Roger seem like a very small and evil boy who is a savage.
  • My feelings toward Roger in the story is that he is very mean, and only wants to do what he wants, and he might be a small boy but he is dangerous.
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