Crime scene basic
Updated: 2/4/2020
Crime scene basic
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  • Looks like we have another one dead. This looks like a Job for the CSI unit
  • Name: unknownhow: Gun shot woundHeight: 5-9
  • I need to get the Forensic Ballistics Examiner in here
  • Truck RedNumber- abc-123Blacked out windowstook off fastdriver -male, tall, white,
  • I believe that is all I rember
  • Ok thank very much for your time
  • Is there anything else you Examined about the scene
  • In the Crime scene above there is a abounded body in the parking lot. A police officer comes up on the body after a eyewitness tell the saw a suspicious care in the parking lot at dark getting something out of there truck.
  • I am going to get the Latent Print Examiner to see if he can get some prints at the crime scene to match up to the ones we have
  • Turns out the crime scene has to do with Ballistics that the officer did not see but will that is happening they are going to get a Forensic DNA Analyst to figure out who this person is.
  • I bet there is tone of Physical evidence in that shed
  • Stop right there!
  • Please don't shoot me!
  • Thank you for the interview. I am going to get the Forensic Artist right on the truck and face of the suspect.
  • U will never find my Accomplice
  • This took a long Process but this is what the Forensic Artist drawled up for us do you thank this could be used as Testimonial evidence do find and lock this guy up.
  • we found the suspect at a Secondary crime scene and the was so many dead people in the shed also the read truck that the witness described was setting in the back. with the help of a Bloodstain Pattern Analyst we found out quick who's blood was in the back of the truck. I am going to call the Crime Scene Investigator right away.
  • In solving this crime there was many Detectives used. This guy got locked up because of a false Alibi and his Latent prints was found on the dead body in the parking lot
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