Updated: 2/7/2020
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  • We are going to be rich.
  • I can't wait to find all the gold.
  • In the beginning Americans began to form largercommunities & build civilizations. Eventually Native American tribes were established acrosswhat we know as the United States today.
  • We don't have any food
  • I am starving
  • European countries like England, Spain, France,& Portugal were in a race to colonize as muchland as possible. The reason for the colonist exploration were 3 things: God, Gold, and Glory.
  • "No work- no food"
  • English men sailed to North America from England. The men landed In Virginia. They named the settlement King James I of England. WIth the purpose to find Gold.
  • Thanks to the tobacco, Jamestown has succeeded.
  • The men came looking for gold rather than building a colony. This lead to death, starvation, and disease. By the first winter (1607) only 38 colonist out of 150 survived.
  • John Smith was the 1st leader of Jamestown and realized the problems & came up with a solution…“No work—no food!” thanks to this, colonists began to build small huts and hunt for food…things began to get better in Jamestown (for a while.)
  • Jamestown has succeeded thanks to the tobacco John Rolfe has brought us (English colonist who arrivedfrom the Caribbean)
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