Boy at war comic script

Updated: 3/25/2021
Boy at war comic script

Storyboard Text

  • It was November, Adam was late for school. Mr. Handler found him and aske him where was he from.
  • Nowhere
  • Nowhere, huh. I never heard a place call nowhere.
  • Where are you from?
  • Adam said that he was from Adam center, NY, but the teacher didn´t believe him so he asked hi where is Adam center in the map.
  • Adam, where is Adam center?
  • Adam´s father came home and he and the family was having a nice family dinner together.
  • I want Pizza Instead.
  • Good sir
  • How is school for you, Adam?
  • Go slow, you just hit the speed limit sign.
  • Adam and Mr. Brown was on there way to Honolulu.
  • 50
  • In Dec 7th, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was making a speech about the bombing in Pearl Harbor.
  • A day will live in infamy.
  • Adam and his family had to leave Hawaii because the military told them to, and maybe in the future, they might find Adam´sfather, and he left a Lei flower in the water ocean.
  • If we are going to find my father, this Lei will be the way to get back.