Paleolithic and Neolithic time zones
Updated: 10/5/2018
Paleolithic and Neolithic time zones
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Paleolithic Vs Neolithic

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  • Shelter- In the Paleolithic time, They lived in tents because they moved around trying to find food
  • Food- During the Paleolithic time, people got food by hunting animals and gathering plants. But it was not the best supply.
  • Trading- During the Paleolithic time. they mostly traded with there own group, but when they traded, they traded animals and plants.
  • In the Neolithic time, They built houses out of mud, bricks, stone, and tree branches. They started to build more permanent shelters
  • In the Neolithic time, they planted seeds and harvested crops instead of hunting and gathering.
  • In the Neolithic times, they traded stuff like Obsidian and flint. Also things like "beauty products".
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