Simple Machines.
Updated: 12/11/2019
Simple  Machines.
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  • A lever is a simple machine that has a rigid object, a bar, and a fulcrum/pivot. You can see levers being used on seesaws like at this park.
  • A Wheel and Axle is a circular device attached to a axle in its center. An example of one is this wheel behind us.
  • An inclined plane is a plane set at an angle toward another surface. We use planes in this factory so we can get packages easy and don't break them.
  • A wedge is a double sided inclined plane. We use them in this restaurant to cut food easier.
  • A screw is a shaft with an inclined plane wrapped around it. When you twist a screw it makes it tighter in the groove so it goes not move. We make screws in this shop for buildings and other work.
  • A pulley is a wheel with a groove along its edge, where a rope were a rope or cable can be placed. Pulleys are used in blinds to open, close and move up and down.
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