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The Stinky Sweater
Updated: 12/4/2018
The Stinky Sweater
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  • "Who's sweater is this? If it is yours, speak now!"
  • Yes, it is because I saw you wear it last week .
  • "But Mrs. Price it is not mine!"
  • Rachel and Phyllis argue about a sweater that didn't belong to either of them.
  • Mrs. Price, I promise that is not my sweater. It stinks and I'd like it off of my desk!"
  • Mrs. Price pulls out a jacket from the coat closet and asked the students who's jacket it is but nobody answers.
  • Then, phyllis calls out, "It is Rachel's!" So Mrs. Price put the jacket on her desk. The sweater was stinky and Rachel was really mad it was on her desk. SHe raised her hand to explain to Mrs. Price that the sweater was not hers.
  • Rachel continued to pout about the stinky sweater but Mrs. Price ignored her and began to teach the class because she did not want to argue about the sweater anymore.
  • Soon after that, Rachel turned to phyllis and gave her a look. The bell rang and when they were walking out of class Rachel asked Phyllis to meet her outside after school on the playground so they could talk about the stinky sweater. Once school was out, they met up up at the playground where Rachel confronts Phyllis about telling Mrs. Price the sweater was hers.
  • Rachel yelled while her fists were clinched, "Why did you tell her that smelly sweater was mine?" I had to smell it throughout the entire class period. It smelled like mildew and dirty feet and I wanted to hurl!" Phyllis said "I thought I have seen you wear it and I didn't know it stunk. Otherwise, I wouldn't have mentioned your name. You don't have to scream like a hyena about it!" After the heated argument was over, both girls darted for the bus to head home. In the end, Phyllis learned to not assume things in the future.
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