The 4 spheres
Updated: 11/8/2018
The 4 spheres
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  • Hola! I am the Atmosphere. Atmo means air. All of Earth's gases are in me. 2 examples are clouds and wind. I transfer heat like the Hydrosphere, and my Ozone protects Earth from UV Radiation.
  • Hi! I am the Biosphere. Bio is the Greek word for life. I am made up of living things. Some things are animals, trees, and forests. My role is for photosynthesis to maintain oxygen in the atmosphere.
  • Hey! I am the Hydrosphere, which means water. I contain all of the oceans, lakes, rivers, and glaciers. So I hold all of the Earth's water. I transfer heat, and I moderate climate
  • Hi! I am the Lithosphere. Litho i Greek for stone. I am hold every non-living thing. For example, beaches, mountains, and volcanoes. I am the nutrients for living things.
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