English Homework
Updated: 2/2/2021
English Homework

Storyboard Text

  • Candy, your dog stinks, its getting old and sick and I've had enough.
  • My poor doggo died and I wasn't even the last face it saw.
  • Oy! what you laughing at?
  • Rabbits :)
  • Carlson is complaining to Candy about his dog and that he want's to shoot it, which Candy finally agrees to.
  • Get 'im Lennie!
  • Candy tells George how he wishes it was he who has shot his beloved dog.
  • Remember, your hand got stuck in a machine, don't try to fire them otherwise you'll be laughed at.
  • Curley Gets angry at George laughing because he thinks George is laughing at him
  • I promise, George, I didn't mean to hurt no one.
  • It's OK, Lennie, I ain't mad at ya.
  • Curley starts hitting Lennie so George tells Lennie to hit back
  • Slim tells Curley how he has to explain that his hand just got stuck in a machine otherwise people will make him a laughing stock.
  • Lennie tells George about how he didn't mean to hurt Curley but George reassures him that it's alright.