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Turkish Invasions Comic
Updated: 9/4/2020
Turkish Invasions Comic
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  • Oh man, it is getting cold, I don't think I have the appropriate clothes
  • Yes I understand, we must prepare to move
  • Gather around everyone, it is time to pray facing Mecca, we shall worry about water later
  • Father, it's so cold, brrrrrr.
  • Mahmud of Gazna, the situation has officially gotten out of hand, our crops are withering and our women and the people are shivering, we are preparing to troops and cavalry to move out and find new areas like we once did
  • Very well, I understand, I shall the massive army into India, we must move South
  • Your forces are too overwhelming, we surrender, take our land.
  • Dry lands and cold weather cause panic and frustration within the nomadic Turks.
  • At this rate, because of mighty forces, all of those small rajas shall tremble, the South is ours.
  • Yes sir, the army has toppled many rajas, and you shall show people the ways of Islam.
  • The frail men desperately come up with a solution for their people, utilizing their nomadic skills.
  • A united frontier under Islam shall begin to take affect, and with it, we shall only become wealthier.
  • Yes, I understand. Return to Northern India from Cairo, and make sure trade, agriculture, and Islam spreads throughout, non compulsory.
  • Upon reaching Northern India, commanders plundered the rajas and conquered their land.
  • Their forces shall perish, we will prevail, and our people shall thrive again!
  • You did good, sir. Shall we enforce the Hindus to convert to Islam?
  • Mahmud of Ghazna conquered the fragmented Northern India like many others.
  • Islam's expansion into India caused growth unlike any other, with control over trade routes, rich soil, more converts, and economic success.
  • As for Indians, they became accustomed to Islamic ways, although many kept their own culture creating diverse culture, and the Turks found a new home for their children.
  • We did good, but we shall not force them. Citizens, Islam shall prosper, and our people finally are thriving. We shall not enforce Islam, however the jizya still stands. People must learn on their own that Islam is the true religion, and when they do, we will be here to guide them.
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