school day
Updated: 1/23/2021
school day

Storyboard Text

  • I don't want to be at school right now.
  • *whisper*Hey, that girl over there looks new. Should we go talk to her?
  • *whisper* Yeah. Let's go ask her to be our friend.
  • Oh no. There's girls over there. What if they're talking about me? Or going to bully me? What if they make fun of me in front of the whole school?
  • Oh, my gosh! They're coming over here! What do I do?
  • Hello! You look new and we just wanted to know if you wanted to be our friend?
  • Yeah, I'm Brenda and she's Teresa. What's your name?
  • Oh. Well, um, my- my name is Ava
  • So, how about we go to class together?
  • For sure!
  • Let's go!
  • I didn't expect them to be my friends. I guess that's the life of having social anxiety