English 10 Assignment
Updated: 8/24/2018
English 10 Assignment
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  • Jeannette-Has red hair and bad parents. Rex-Is Jeannette’s drunk of a dad. Rose-Is Jeannette’s mom, and she wants to be an artist. Lori-Is the oldest sibling of the family. Brain-Is the little brother and ends up being a cop. Maureen-Wants someone to take care of her and is the weakest.
  • Jeannette starts elementary school school. She is going into the second grade. She starts school in faded shorts, shirts and sneakers with holes in them. This is a big step for her because she has never gone to a public school. Her parents have taught her most of the thing she knows. In In this scene her dad makes her write her homework in binary numbers then rewrite it in Arabic numbers.
  • In Welch they had to fight off their enemies, there was little to nothing to do in Welch. Maybe it was because they were unionizing the mines, there were many bloody fights over that. It was cramped dirty work and they came home angry and took it out on their wives and children.
  • The story time ranges from 1957 to 2005. The places the family goes are Nevada, California, Arizona, West Virginia, and New York City. Jeannette sees her mom going through a dumpster and she feels guilty. She feels guilty because she can help her parents out with money so they don’t have to do that. But Her mom said they aren’t the ones that need helping, it’s Jeannette. Rose said Jeannette values need helping.
  • She forgot to translate the home work and she turned it it. Her teacher made her stay after school and rewrite the paper. The extra things she did for school helped her and made her smarter. It taught her to read and write better. This part of the story shows how talented and smart she really is. She proves herself, and shows that even if you grow up poor and don't have a lot you can still get good grades and go somewhere in life.
  • Jennette said they don't fit in because her father is a drunk and she has red hair. Her life in Welch was tough she had a mother who refused to work and a no good lazy drunk father. This changed her identity in making her a stronger person and giving her the ability to fight her own battles. These experiences helped her fend for herself in New York.
  • This scene effects her identity by teaching her how to make sacrifices. She knows that in order to succeed and progress in life, she has to leave behind the burden that is her family.
  • When Jeanette leaves her dysfunctional family to go to New York, it is a very emotional time for the family. Rex is happy for his daughter, but he is sad to see her go. Jeanette and her family both know that they probably won't see each other for a long time.
  • The scene where Jeanette lands her very first job after venturing to New York is extremely important. The job she lands is at a burger restaurant and it’s not a great job, but to her it gives her the feeling that she made it without relying on her parents.
  • It gives her financial support, and it makes her feel like she can do anything she dedicates herself too. She is happy that her hard work is finally paying off. This scene is important to her identity because it disconnects herself from her parents. This allows her to continue to grow without the boundaries she once had. She doesn't need them anymore. She can live her life without any distractions from her terrible and abusive parents.
  • The Glass Castle closes with Jeanette and most of her siblings gathering with their mother and reflecting on things that have happened throughout their lives. In this scene you can see that most of the children have completely turned their life around.
  • They live happy lives with their families. This tells us a valuable lesson, Hard work really does pay off. No matter what circumstances you were born in to you can fight your way out. Nothing is impossible if you are truly dedicated. It also shows you that you should be extremely thankful for what you have, because there are people who have it way worse.
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