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Scarlet ibis 2
Updated: 10/16/2020
Scarlet ibis 2
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  • By: Keyrin Cedillo
  • ''Scarlet Ibis''
  • This scene show an excited tone. This is the scene where Doodle smiled at Johnny. The story says, I skipped through the rooms, down the echoing halls, shouting, "Mama, he smiled. He’s all there! He's all there!" and he was.'' p.5. This shows how excited Johnny was because Doodle smiled at him.
  • The author uses a negative word choices when describing how Johnny felt about his brother. The author said, 'It was bad enough having an invalid brother, but having one who possibly was not all there was unbearable, so I began to make plans to kill him by smothering him with a pillow.'' p.5. This tells you how he wanted to kill his brother.
  • This show the imagery of the beginning of the story when the author says, ''It was in the clove of seasons, summer was dead but autumn had not yet been born.'' p.1. This shows me that it's summer but the cold is coming soon.
  • The author used lots of foreshadowing through out the story. When the author said, ''One day I took him up to the barn loft and showed him his casket'', p.14, it foreshadowed that Doodle was going to die.
  • The theme of the story is pride can be bad. In the story Johnny had lots of pride and that pride made him do bad things. He helped Doodle because he didn't like having a brother that has disabilities. The pride that Johnny had led to him to over pushing Doodle.
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