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Updated: 10/10/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Brown=DirtBlack=OilYellowish=Natural Gas
  • When sea creatures died millions of years ago, their corpses sunk to the bottom of a body of water. Over time more and more dirt has accumulated over the corpses and puts them under pressure to create oil and natural gas.
  • Oil and StuffBy Jasmine Peterson
  • After the oil is pressurized for a while, people come in with oil rigs (weird lookin' thing) and drill down to the oil. Then the oil rig does it s job and gets the oil.
  • There are many uses for oil. They include gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, asphalt, lubricants, waxes, and kerosene.
  • Oil and essential resources are the leading cause of war and conflict. People an countries fight eachother and that is not good. A way we could stop the conflicts over oil, between countries, and within countries, is...
  • Vs.
  • Distribute the oil fairly between all the city/ regions in one state or nation. Also share the oil between countries and one country not hoard oil.
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