Updated: 11/5/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The poor tree was covered in ants so the woman took the tree home to help it.
  • you are covered in ants I'll help you.
  • She brought the tree back home and planted it.
  • There you go all safe and sound!
  • She saw that the tree is STILL covered in ants.
  • Oh no
  • Just let the sap make the ants stick to the tree and it will kill them.
  • She brought the tree to town to see if any one knew what to do and she ran in too a Hippocrates and he knew what to do!
  • Ok thank you
  • After a few hours passed all the pitch killed the ants.
  • See I told you it would work.
  • Thank you so very much!
  • It's night time by now the woman brings the pine tree to the show stage to keep growing and to be free
  • You have grown so much!!