Updated: 10/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Good day everyone! We are now at St. Marcel's Museum! We're going travel back in time and explore the different cultural period.
  • St. Marcel's Museum
  • During the Paleolithic age, humans learned to use pebbles as tool and live in caves. They also discovered the use of fire
  • Polished small stones, bone or wood are used to serve as spears and arrows. Agriculture wasintroduced during the Mesolithic Period
  • Neolithic Age pertains to the old stone period.  Humans settled inpermanent villages and depended on domesticated plants and animals
  • During the bronze age, architecture is more advanced. They also used weapons andtools, Invention of the potter’swheel and discovery of textiles.
  • At the time of the Iron Age, the metal was seen as more precious than gold. Writing systems and written documentation, including alphabets began to emerge