French Revolution
Updated: 12/17/2019
French Revolution
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  • We want a more fair government! With less poverty!
  • We want more food for everyone!
  • Destroy the wall!
  • Get the Queen!
  • The French Revolution began when the 3rd estate was being treated very poorly and unfairly by their king and their superiors. They wanted to take action and earn their rights, ending in one of the greatest Revolutions of all time!
  • We shall meet and stay together until a new government is made!
  • Peasants desparate for change!
  • It all started when the people needed guns and ammo to defend themselfes from the king and anything he may throw at them, so they went to an abandoned prison, called the Bastille, and tore it down brick by brick until they got inside
  • Just take it! I give up the throne!
  • No more monarchy!
  • Meanwhile, the women where rioting that bread prices were too high and could barely support their families, So they took complaints to the castle. They were not answered any of their concerns and stromed the castle! They entered and when they saw the queen, they went into a rage and almost took her life with her fellow guards
  • After all of the actions taken by the people,Louis the XVl gave up the throne and ended the monarchy of France!
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