Unknown Story

Updated: 9/16/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Advanced technology
  • I will wait for the bear to fall in the trap
  • Stable food supply
  • I will get seeds and plant them
  • Art and entertainment
  • I will swim and draw in the sand
  • I would dig a hole and put the green screen cover over it so the bear would fall in
  • Government
  • We can come together and share are ideas
  • I can also wait for animals to come and try to eat it
  • Specialized labor
  • With drawing in the sand I can erase and you can swim non stop
  • If we all share what we want for are civilization we can discover new ideas
  • We can get separate jobs dew to the government
  • By working together we can even build homes and trive
  • I will pray for the animal before I eat it to show thanks
  • I will pray before I eat